Additional services

Bed linens and towels

Bed linens and towels (incl. bottom sheet, duvet cover and pillowcase, face towel, bath towel and bathrobe) delivered to the villa €13.00 per person, with beds made €15.00 per person.

Hot tub

The rental price includes firewood, water and the cleaning of the tub. Guest heat the hot tub according to instructions.
Rental price €138/heating time

Fatbikes for rent

6 Trek Farley 5 fatbikes available for rent.
(1x S 15,5", 4x M 17,5", 1x L 19,5")
Rental price:
1 h 25 €
3 h 35 €
6 h 55 €

Kayaks for rent

12 Jackson kayaks available for rent.
Rental price €40/day, €50/2 days, €120/week, additional days €20. €120/week.

Coffee for meetings

Coffee for meetings, delivered to Rokuan Tähti, €11 per person (incl. coffee, tea and a strawberry cake). Minimum 10 persons.

Smoke sauna and hot tub

The smoke sauna and hot tub, heated and ready for bathing. Facilities available for the whole evening. The price includes bench covers, towels, hair and body wash, and cleaning afterwards.
Rental price €680 / one heating